Queen size bed shown. Bed also available as Twin, Full and King.

Manhattan Slat Queen Bed Manhattan Panel Queen Bed
Manhattan Slat Queen BedManhattan Panel Queen Bed

Solid Wood Queen Bed in Oak, Maple, Cherry.

Solid Wood Queen Bed in Oak, Maple, Cherry.



Manhattan Dresser Manhattan Tall Dresser
Manhattan DresserManhattan Tall Dresser

Solid Wood Bedroom Dresser, 63"wide, 6 drawers in oak, maple, cherry. 

Solid Wood Bedroom Dresser, 63"wide, 8 drawers in oak, maple, cherry. 



Manhattan Tall Dresser Mirror Manhattan Wide Dresser Mirror
Manhattan Tall Dresser MirrorManhattan Wide Dresser Mirror

Solid Wood Dresser Mirror 45"h x 32"w in oak, maple, cherry.

Solid Wood Dresser Mirror in oak, maple, cherry.



Manhattan Chest of Drawers Manhattan Night Stand
Manhattan Chest of DrawersManhattan Night Stand

Solid Wood Bedroom Chest of Drawers, 40"wide, 6 drawers in oak, maple, cherry. 

Solid Wood Bedroom Night Stand, 3 drawers in oak, maple, cherry.



Manhattan Chifferobe Manhattan Armoire
Manhattan ChifferobeManhattan Armoire

Solid Wood Bedroom Chifferobe in oak, maple, cherry. 

Solid Wood Bedroom Armoire in oak, maple, cherry. 



Manhattan Changing Table Manhattan Storage/Toy Box
Manhattan Changing TableManhattan Storage/Toy Box

Solid Wood Baby Changing Table in oak, maple, cherry. 

Solid Wood Storage/Toy Box. 18"h x 33"w x 18"d. Woods: oak, maple, cherry.



Manhattan Desk, 50"W Manhattan Bookcase  36"Wide
Manhattan Desk, 50"WManhattan Bookcase 36"Wide

Solid Wood Desk. 4 Drawers. 37"h x 50"w x 14"d. Woods: oak, maple, cherry.

Available Heights: 36"-48"-60" in Oak, Maple, Cherry.